Mas des Micocouliers is amongst other things a farm providing during the long summer days an abundance of home grown fruits and vegetables and related products...
We would like you to come to know this for yourselves, and to enjoy the taste of the "great outdoors" that our gardens and fields provide.

We offer our guests every opportunity to avail themselves and enjoy these "clean and green" products.
      A list of all the current offerings/products is given to you upon arrival at MAS DES MICOCOULIERS. You can order our fruit and vegetables at your convenience. If you order in the morning, the items will be freshly picked and placed at your door around lunchtime.
      We also put at your disposal our selection of home made jams; in addition we have bottled apricot fruit juice from an orchard nearby and our very own wine made from our vinyard with the assistance and expertise of our local wine cooperative.

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